Noni vs the Effects of Aging & Physical Labor

As our company continues to grow, we find we also need more space with which to conduct our operations. And as the designated menial laborer of the Noni family business I am the one called upon to do the grunt work. But I’m not complaining. Actually, it’s a welcome change from staring at a computer screen all day. I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands and building things. I was the one who built our house back in 1987 and the original NoniConnection kitchen facility and tiny adjacent office in early 2004. A few months ago I completed construction of a new cold storage room, and a separate room to house our $20,000 capsule filling machine. This month I will begin expanding our office so that it can accommodate more than one person who has to move their chair in order for the door to swing open. As I said, for me this type of work is a labor of love. The problem is that my body has gotten older and less cooperative. After a day of driving 16-penny nails into rough framing timber, I find it harder to roll out of bed the next morning. I know this is mostly due to my age and expanding waistline. But recently my toes and calves have begun to cramp during the night. It’s so painful sometimes I have to get out of bed and walk it off. Then I have trouble falling back asleep. I’ve been accustomed to taking my daily dosage of Noni juice in the mornings. But my lovely wife Terry suggested that I try drinking a few ounces of Noni before going to bed. Well, I tried it, and it’s a miracle! No more cramping muscles during the night. You know, I’d ask her to marry me again in a heartbeat if I thought the magic would work a second time. But I’m not a gambling man, and I suppose some thoughts are simply better left unspoken.


One thought on “Noni vs the Effects of Aging & Physical Labor

  1. I wanted to let you know that my husband was diagnosed approximately 10 or 15 years ago with a skin condition called Groves Disease. According to our dermatologist, there isn’t a cure. It looks like a heat rash that covers mostly the chest and abdomen. It itches, like crazy and usually gets worse when one is sweating or hot. It feels like a million little paper cuts stinging and itching at once. It isn’t contagious or hereditary, but strangely, I was diagnosed with it about 5 years ago. Supposedly, it affects people, usually over 40 with blue eyes. They don’t know what causes it.

    When I was diagnosed, my dermatologist said that they have found that noni and sun seem to help, but of course, they don’t want you in the sun. So I went to my local health food store and bought a bottle of noni juice. My 80 something mother decided to try it as well. I have to admit, it was the worse thing I have ever tasted!!!!! My mom said it tasted like dirty socks!! (Not sure how she would know that)

    Anyway, due to the taste, I went looking for a good quality noni in capsule form and found your site. Because you use only the juice, not the pulp, I decided to give yours a chance. I started taking 2 capsules every morning. I didn’t see a whole lot of change, so I went up to 4 tablets a day. I also found a body lotion made by L’Occitane that has the extract of an olive tree in it. The combination of the two were amazing! I am now clear and only have a mild case when I either play tennis or work in the yard (sweating a lot).

    I am ordering your body lotion to see if it may be as good as the very expensive L’Occitane product. My husband saw my results and is now on the same regime, with excellent results. Thank you for making such an excellent (and tasteless) product.
    Paula Pratt

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