Preserving Traditions

Most of you may know something about Noni. Maybe you or someone in your family has been using it. You’ve either experienced for yourself the wonderful health benefits of Noni, or else seen how this wonderful fruit has helped a friend or loved one.

Personally, I have known about Noni since I was a child, when my grandmother Puna would make us drink Noni juice whenever we got sick, or if we even looked like we might be coming down with something. Truth be told, I hated the stuff! Friends of mine would sometimes fake sickness to avoid going to school. Not me! Nothing I had to endure in school was worse than having to drink Noni!

My grandmother Puna died in 1985, and I still miss her. Ironically, with nobody to force it down my throat, I drink Noni juice each and every day. The bittersweet taste reminds me of her. Today, my whole family takes Noni, even Samba, my 4-year old grandson. I make him drink it whenever he gets sick, or if he even looks like he’s coming down with something.

Malama pono,

Jim Titcomb


4 thoughts on “Preserving Traditions

  1. Aloha! I have been making my own noni juice since 2002 and have experienced the benefits of noni juice firsthand. A chronic skin ailment that had plagued me since my late teens cleared up in 4 months. Prescription meds were not helping at all. The more I read and hear about noni, the more grateful I feel for being exposed to it (mahalo Kumu Brenda!).

    I am a massage therapist and I refer people to your site all the time! Question: I was taught that 2 weeks was adequate time to ferment the noni. My noni is a beautiful clear yellow color that is much tastier than the juice fermented longer. Do you know of any potency differences in only allowing the 2 week fermentation?

    Mahalo from a Kailua girl!

  2. I’ve been a customer for… 10? years. Love your new site! I’m forwarding the link to family on the mainland. I KNOW that the noni cured all my cronic infections that the doctors could not. I know it helps. Even my child learned to love it. She got so she would ask for her noni! Good luck to you. Please keep the best noni available at the best price!

  3. What a lovely family picture! I had to keep finding it and looking at it. I have 5 children from a 37-year marriage with my husband, who died this summer. The 3 boys and 1 daughter are married, and I should have 8 grandchildren by March; one daughter is still single. We have a group picture, too, but yours is just so beautiful! I love the matching coordinated outfits and the background. May you always appreciate each other for your good qualities, overlook imperfections, and stay together as a loving family 🙂 Best wishes for a happy 2012.

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