Merry Christmas Everyone!

Our family is very happy to send our warmest greetings and best wishes to all those who are celebrating Christmas. We join with Americans everywhere in recognizing the sense of renewed hope and comfort this joyous season brings to our nation and the world.

The Nativity story of nearly twenty centuries ago is known by all faiths as a hymn to the brotherhood of man. For Christians, it is the fulfillment of age-old prophecies and the reaffirmation of God’s great love for all of us. Through a generous Heavenly Father’s gift of His Son, hope and compassion entered a world weary with fear and despair and changed it for all time.

On Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Christ with prayer, feasting, and great merriment. But, most of all, we experience it in our hearts. For, more than just a day, Christmas is a state of mind. It is found throughout the year whenever faith overcomes doubt, hope conquers despair, and love triumphs over hate. It is present when men of any creed bring love and understanding to the hearts of their fellow man.

The feeling is seen in the wondrous faces of children and in the hopeful eyes of the aged. It overflows the hearts of cheerful givers and the souls of the caring. And it is reflected in the brilliant colors, joyful sounds, and beauty of the winter season.

Let us resolve to honor this spirit of Christmas and strive to keep it throughout the year.

We here at NoniConnection ask you to join us in a prayer that prudence, wisdom, and understanding might descend on the people of all nations’ so that during the year ahead we may realize an ancient and wondrous dream: “peace on earth, goodwill toward men.”

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is a traditional American holiday of reflection and gratitude for the love and joy that comes from the strong bonds of family and friends.

Ancient Hawaiians had a very similar celebration, called makahiki, a joyful affair where people from around the island would gather together with song and dancing, and share the fruits of their labors, reaped either from the earth or the ocean.

Whether it is called Thanksgiving or Makahiki, the same principle of food, family, and fun can be found.

From our family, to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Veterans Day

We here at NoniConnection would like to send a great big mahalo to our veterans. Words cannot convey our deep appreciation for your courage, dedication, and service to our country. We encourage all of our friends to take the time to donate a little something to a charity for veterans, such as Fisher House, or Wounded Warrior. And if you see someone in uniform, stop and shake his or her hand. Our country cannot do enough to repay the brave men and women who place their lives on the line so that we may continue to enjoy the freedoms that were hard fought for by veterans throughout the past two hundred years. Thank you.

Workers of the world, drink NONI juice

Studies have shown that drinking Noni juice increases proficiency and productivity. So while our politicians dither and bicker, let’s take matters into our own hands. Workers of the world, unite, and create a whole new era of wealth and prosperity. Encourage your bosses and co-workers to drink Noni juice at the start of every work day. Post a memo on the break room bulletin board. Drop a note in the suggestion box. Unplug the coffee machine, and replace it with a Noni juice dispenser. Wow, a Noni juice dispenser; what a great idea for a new invention…

Happy Independence Day

As we enjoy this 4th of July holiday with family, food, and friends, let us not forget the significance of this great day, as it unfolded 237 years ago. In the summer of 1776, the existence of what is now the United States of America was very much in doubt. The ringing words of the Declaration of Independence surely caused a sensation throughout the civilized world. But Britain’s King George was not pleased. He dispatched the world’s greatest military force to punish the rebellious colonists. It was only through the faith, courage, and sacrifice of great American heroes like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson that we enjoy the freedoms we have today. In these tumultuous times when we witness great conflict between the interests of good government and individual liberty, it behooves every American to revisit those founding documents that served as guiding beacons to those great heroes of America’s heritage.

King Kamehameha the Great

He is called Kamehameha the Great because in 1810 he conquered all the warring chiefs of the different Hawaiian islands, and formally established the unified Kingdom of Hawaii. He was feared by the alii (chiefs) but much loved by the common folk.

He was renowned for both his ferocity in battle as well as his fairness. He was beloved by commoners for his most famous fiat known as The Law of the Splintered Paddle (kanawai mamalahoe) which mandated that non-combatants, indigents, and the homeless had the right to sleep undisturbed on public parks and thoroughfares and were not to be disturbed.

Kamehameha was born in the Kohala district on the Big Island of Hawaii around 1758. Legend has it that a supernaturally bright star appeared in the heavens at the exact moment of his birth. (Modern astronomers tell us that 1758 is also the year that Halley’s Comet appeared).

The kahuna (healers/priests) who witnessed the event prophesied that the child born at the time would grow up to be a great conquering warrior. Upon hearing this, the reigning alii (chief) of Hawaii ordered all male children to be killed. Thus the swaddled newborn Kamehameha was bundled up and sent to Waipio to be raised in secret by foster parents.

Isn’t it interesting how many tales of wonderful heroes follow a similar pattern?

Duty, Honor, Country–The Code of the American Veteran

It would not be unreasonable for us to give heartfelt thanks to our brave veterans every single day of our lives–especially those heroes who have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect the freedoms we all enjoy as Americans. But, at least on this one special day, we are each of us duty bound to take some time to reflect upon the meaning of the words Duty, Honor, Country. While Memorial Day weekend has become for many of us simply another excuse to goof off, we would do well to consider the sacrifices made by our brave men and women in uniform even now as we enjoy this time with family and friends.
So, to all our brave American veterans, past and present, from your grateful friends at NoniConnection of Hawaii, aloha and mahalo nui loa.

Prayers for tornado victims

Here in Hawaii it is easy to forget how fearsome Mother Nature can be. At times like these we depend on the goodwill of others, as we in turn reach out to help others in need. In Hawaii, this is called the aloha spirit. In this spirit of aloha our heartfelt prayers go out to the victims of this latest tragedy. Me ke aloha pumehana.

To patriots in Boston: Me ke aloha pumehana

Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and families of this latest terror attack. It is at times like these that we learn we must stand together as Americans against a common foe. As a former fire fighter I pray for the safety of all first responders at the scene–be they police, paramedics, or brother firefighters. And because my wife Terry is from Massachusetts and has family in Boston, we also pray for their safety.

Newtown CT me ke aloha pumehana

Our heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to the families of the slain children of Newtown CT. What a grievous stain on what should otherwise have been a season of good tidings and joy. At times like these we turn to our families, our friends, our communities, and our God for solace. May we learn from this tragedy how important it is to truthfully and often tell our children how much they are loved. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our friends and customers.