Puna Noni – Noni Juice Challenge!!

Aloha Everyone!

We are presently doing our second go round of the Puna Noni – 7Day Noni Juice Challenge at the moment! We are half way through and loving it!

If you would like to participate in future challenges, please let us know! For anyone that wants to participate, we offer a free bottle of 16oz Noni Juice for the duration of the challenge. You need to have an Instagram account, post daily pictures and tag us in them. It’s simple.. for the first 3 days take 1oz of Noni Juice, on the 4th and 5th day 2oz Noni Juice, on the 6th day 4oz Noni Juice and on the 7th day mix your Noni Juice with your favorite recipe, smoothie, dressing or whatever you like!

One of our present participants today just left us an amazing review! See what Gabe H. has to say about our wonderful Puna Noni Juice!

“I think Noni Juice taste delicious! Some people have to adapt to the taste and the smell, but once your body starts reaping the benefits of this medicine, you start to crave it, it starts to become really delicious!! Super potent, superfood.. Amazing for your skin, prevents cancer, reduces pain and arthritis, reduces stress.. So many things that Noni does.. Anti-aging, keeps you young.. Boosts your immunity, which we all need right now!”

Noni Juice Capsules

We are so happy to hear all these beautiful words.. and I know exactly what Gabe is talking about! Every bottle is different! When you first open the bottle and take a swig, sometimes its super bitter, but then as you drink the bottle it taste better and BETTER! I seriously start to crave my daily doses!

Please let us know if any of you wants to join us in our Noni Juice Challenge!!





Puna Noni Mango Madness!!

As promised, our first Blog Sale!! Summer here in Hawaii, and that means Mango season! Now there is more of a reason to love this sweet exotic fruit! Our amazing Puna Noni Mango Essential Bodycare Kit! Normally over a $45 value, but this particular Kit is on sale for only $25 with free shipping!!

Puna Noni Mango Essential Bodycare Kit

Full of our amazing Noni Juice and Noni Oil.. All natural ingredients, all of which you can pronounce!! With this Kit you’ll get:

1 x Mango Body Wash 12oz

1 x Mango Hand and Body Lotion 8oz

1 x Mango Soap

1 x Mango Lipbalm

Noni Juice and Mangos have a few things in common! Do you know that Mangos are filled with Vitamin A? This makes it great for improving eye sight! Also high in fiber, Mangos aid in digestion and are helpful in fighting against stomach diseases. Noni juice is amazing for eye sight and stomach digestion. Two for two!! 😆

I hope you love this Kit as much as we do! Please check it out and take advantage of our Mango Madness sale!!



PunaNoni Naturals

Noni Juice for High Blood Pressure

My dad started Puna Noni Naturals in 1999 while he was a Honolulu Fire Fighter stationed on the North Shore of Oahu.


During a routine physical, he found out he had high blood pressure, and he was put on “sick leave”. He began taking prescription medication to lower his blood pressure, but he disliked the side effects. He also hated missing work, as he loved being a fire fighter, being part of his team, and helping the people!

Then he remembered how his grandmother Puna, used to talk about the wonderful health benefits of her homemade Noni juice. She would always chase the grand kids around and make them take their Noni when they would visit with her. Whenever she thought the kids were getting sick, she was right there, giving them Noni juice. I’ll never forget my dad saying “Needless to say, we didn’t miss much school growing up, because going to school sick was the better option than drinking that stuff.” Haha!! As he grew older, though, he learned the value of drinking Noni juice.

So, my dad decided to get off the prescription pills and try Noni juice. Within 4 weeks his blood pressure was within normal range, and he cleared his physical!

Through the years he would end up having to take the prescription pills again, but in adding regular Noni juice to his daily diet, he was able to get down to the lowest dosage that there was, keep his blood pressure down and stay on the job for years to come!



Puna Noni Naturals


Noni Juice for Migraines

Do you suffer from Migraines? I do, and I can tell you quite honestly, without a doubt, it SUCKS! I have suffered from migraines since I was 19. Sometimes once a month or sometimes every week, and have to take prescription medication when it gets really bad. I have always hated taking medications, don’t like the unnaturalness of them, but when the pain is just too much, and I need to function, I have no choice but to take them.

Nothing “natural” has ever worked for me EXCEPT for Noni juice. It is by no means a miracle cure, but after 2 prescription pills barely put a dent, and you still have to work and take care of your son, taking a couple of chugs of Noni juice really keeps me going! Sometimes I’ll have a migraine last for 4-5 days, and the medication isn’t working, the only thing that keeps me on my feet, is my Noni juice!

Now, I don’t want to be just another person trying to tell you what will work for you. Because I have been there, done that, and as much as I appreciate people trying to help me.. “they just can’t understand”, am I right? But, because I have been there, and know how it feels, I want to share with you, WHAT HAS WORKED FOR ME!

Feel free to leave your comments and ask questions!



Puna Noni Naturals

Good Morning – Noni Juice!!

Noni Juice

Did you take your Noni Juice today? I did!! :)))

Taking your morning Noni Juice is as simple as 2Tbls! If you do not have a shot glass, do you have a little medicine cup that comes with Tylenol or NyQuil? That is the perfect measurement for 1oz of Noni Juice!

First thing in the morning, on an empty stomach is the best way! I take it right before my morning cup of delicious amazing coffee! 😉

Come check out our 100% Pure Hawaiian Puna Noni Juice!




Happy Aloha Friday!!

Aloha Everyone!

It has been a LOOOONG time since we have posted to our Blog!! However, we are going to change that up right now!

My name is Chandra, Aloooooohaaaa!! I am Jim’s daughter, the founder of our wonder PunaNoni Naturals company! We have “sent him out to pasture” 😉 hehe, and I’m going to try and live up to his informative and humorous writing here!

We will be posting beautiful pictures as you will see below, amazing recipes you can use with our very own Noni Juice, and keeping you informed and up to date with everything Noni!

We are looking forward to the weekend, and hope you all are too! Feel free to post and tell me what you are going to be doing this weekend as well!

I can’t wait to hear from all of you, and get to know all of you as my dad has!



P.S. My dad is happily retired and spending time with Mom at home! I am constantly asking him for help relating to Website, Newsletter and this very Blog .. So he is very much still a part of this family business 😉


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A belated update from The Dad

Aloha Friends,

Some of our customers and friends may have been wondering what the hell is going on over at NoniConnection? Not only have there been no big sales recently, but orders that used to arrive in two days sometimes take a week or more. Some of you may even have noticed some inconsistency in the taste of our juice–which is simply due to longer than normal fermentation times, caused by recent natural disasters that have struck Hawaii.

Long story short, it’s been a rough year. First, the volcanic eruption on the Big Island caused havoc with noni farmers in the Puna area. That stuff I wrote on our website in the early days of our business, about our Puna Noni being grown on the “slopes of long slumbering volcanoes” ? Well, I wasn’t just making up a story, and anyway they’re not slumbering anymore. And for Big Island noni farmers, if the sulphuric ash didn’t kill your crop, lava flows blocked the roads leading to it, so that even farmers whose trees survived the volcano were unable to harvest their crops or get them to market.

Regarding the taste factor I mentioned earlier, a few batches of our juice, which normally ferments for 4 to 6 weeks, had to stay in their fermentation tanks for several weeks longer while we waited for power and transport to be restored.

I forgot to mention the Hurricane Lane which hit Hawaii in August. Though not nearly as destructive as Madame Pele on the Big Island, the high wind and rains caused power and communication outages on Oahu, where our factory and offices are located, causing a disruption to our ability to field orders and other customer service issues.

The worst part for us is that all this happened just when our business was starting to grow, and big stores, like Whole Foods, were taking notice and buying our products. We were also attracting more international customers.

I hope this addresses some of your questions or concerns, including why there have been no sales during this holiday season. I hope to be able to make it up to you all later.


Jim Titcomb

2016 Presidential Playoffs

In the Democratic Playoffs, Cronyism has taken a huge lead over Socialism.

On the GOP side, National Populism has Constitutional Conservatism down by 90 points.

Barring a major turnover, such as an intervention by the FBI or the Justice Department (unlikely) Cronyism vs Populism is the likely card for this years Presidential Super Bowl.

Recommend drinking Puna Noni juice before, during, and after the Presidential debates to protect against nausea, bloviation, and the involuntary gag reflex.

ESPN must drink more noni

Curt Schilling was fired by ESPN for expressing his personal opinion, on his personal Facebook page, on his own personal time.

This is dead wrong. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, whether one agrees with them, or not. That’s why they’re called “opinions” and not “statements of fact.”

If opinions are to be censored, then they should be censored across the board, i.e. ESPN should forbid all employees from expressing ANY personal opinions.

Of course, this would be a tyrannical usurpation of our right to freedom of speech and expression.

Which is what ESPN is guilty of in the case of Curt Schilling.

Which would be clear to the ESPN bigwigs if they’d drink Noni juice on a regular basis, which is an excellent natural remedy for craniums stuck in anal orifices.

Punanoni, same, but different


E komo mai! Check out the new crib!

We’ve moved to a new site, got some new products and packaging–but we’re still the same people, and the same company you’ve come to know and love. And our pure Hawaiian Puna Noni juice is still the best in the world. (Sorry, Tahitian Noni, but ya know it’s true)

NEW BODY CARE LINE: All wahine will LOVE our brand new line of body care products. (I’m told the adorable little 3oz bottles help get one past the touchy-feely types in the TSA with minimal groping.)

Also, we hope the new streamlined store and shopping cart will make your shopping experience easier.

Please tell us what you think.

Aloha and Happy Thanksgiving